[Video] Blockchain Notary Systems Walkthrough incl. Demo

Have you ever wondered how a Public Notary system would look like on a public permissionless Blockchain like Ethereum? Then you will most likely enjoy this video:

Link to YouTube

Find the demo here: https://tomw1808.github.io/ethereum-blockchain-entwickler-kurs-2018/

Find the courses for the Notary DApp here: https://github.com/tomw1808/bta-blockchain-developer https://github.com/tomw1808/ethereum-blockchain-entwickler-kurs-2018

Find the book explaining the Notary DApp from A-Z here: https://books2read.com/ethereum-blockchain-developer/

Video Transcript

Wouldn’t this world be great without people stealing other peoples ideas? How can the blockchain help here?

If you have an idea, you normally write it down and possibly share it with colleagues and prospective business partners to keep working on it or eventually sell it. That is a perfectly normal course of action.

But the problem remains: How can you protect this idea so you can proof that it orginates from you?

Normally, once you reach a certain milestone, you go to a notary-like service and let it witness the document. In a simplified form you get a stamp or a certificate or authenticity and a description of what the notary witnessed.

But how can a blockchain help here and simplify this so there is a public proof of ownership of certain information.

If we are talking about digital documents then the biggest blessing and curse is that they can be copied so easily.

No matter how good we are trying to implement copy protection, it mostly comes down to courts and external professionals validating the authenticity of an original document.

But how can this be achieved on the blockchain?

By taking snapshots, or so called hashes of files and baking it into the blockchain. A hash is a non-reversible digital fingerprint of the contents of a file.

It’s like taking a Foto of a building and a calendar. You can’t go back to the building from the picture, but you can proof that the building was there at a specific date.

Let me show you a live working Demo of how this is achieved.