110%. Every Time.

By focusing on one project at a time I can always give it my 110%.

I love great software. The feeling when you experience fantastic, scaling architecture on the backend and great design on the frontend. Packed with high performing teams who manage to deliver excellent features and fixes in a short timeframe. At the end, the user experience is what matters. Here is a short summary of my work experience:

  1. CTO at Morpher.com

    • Lead a team using Scrum Methodology
    • Implemented High Frequency Tick-Data ETL Pipeline
    • Converted Smart Contracts to Proxied Smart Contracts
    • Built an Ethereum Wallet from Prototype to Product
    • Implemented Layer 2 Sidechain Solution

    Technologies: NodeJS, AWS, Docker, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Solidity, Truffle, Foundry, OpenZeppelin, Remix, Jira, Notion, Git, Vue
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  2. Blockchain and DevOps Video Courses

    • Over 40h of Video Materials
    • Over 110.000 Students
    • Bespoke Learning Platform with Affiliate Program

    Technologies: Udemy, Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, Adobe Audition, Video Editing, Script Writing, Paddle, LeadDyno, NodeJS, Solidity, Docker, Foundry, React
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  3. CTO at Moschitz IT

    • Accounting SaaS from Prototype to Product
    • Warehouse Tracking Solution from Prototype to Product
    • Developed Bespoke Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Galera Cluster, Asana, Git, Basecamp, Linux, Java, Android
  4. Graduated at University of Technology, Graz, Austria

    • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Masters
    • Graduated with Distinction
    • Studied Telematics: Telecommunication, Mathematics, Signal Processing and Computer Science
    • Masters Project at the University of Western Australia, Perth

    Technologies: Java, Lucene, SVM, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Matlab
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