Smart Contract Upgrades and Proxy Patterns

In this video you will learn about all available methods to upgrade Smart Contracts. We are gradually going from logic/storage separation over Proxy patterns to most sophisticated techniques to exchange Smart Contracts  bytecode using CREATE2.

I hope these labs will help you to choose the right pattern for your project.

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It is a complete showcase of what's possible mid 2021. We're going through:

  1. The Eternal Storage Pattern
  2. Nick Johnsons First Proxy Example
  3. Storage Collisions
  4. EIP-897: ERC Delegate Proxy
  5. EIP-1822: Universal Upgradable Proxy Standard (UUPS)
  6. EIP-1967: Standard Storage Slots
  7. EIP-1538: Transparent Contract Standard
  8. EIP-2535: Diamonds
  9. A full CREATE2 Tutorial
  10. Metamorphic CREATE2 Factory

This lab has extensive Code Examples, which are on our new dedicated Ethereum Blockchain Developer Page located here: [

Overview - Ethereum Blockchain Developer Guide

The Guide for Learning Ethereum Blockchain Development and Solidity with Labs and Explanations

Thomas WiesnerEthereum Blockchain Developer Guide


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