Project Expertino

A Quiz-App for Android.

Supports self-made quiz-catalogs, downloads and highscores.

Language: PHP/HTML/JS/Java. Year 2010/2011. Platforms: Android with a RESTful PHP-Backend.

Started as a University Project, it became a fully featured Android-App for Quiz and Learning purposes. It is a two part app.

The one part is a web-app, written in PHP (Pimcore/Zend), which allows the user to create new catalogs. Catalogs can consist of simple question and answer items, multiple choice or even picture multipe choice items. The system support highscores and ranks items based on the amount they were "played".

The other part is the android app. It allows to download catalogs from the website. After downloading a new catalog, the user can "play" the catalog, or learn it. In learn mode, questions and answers are shown. In play-mode, the user plays against time. A mix between the time and the numbers of answers correctly answered is the high-score.

The Project was declared dead and went offline in November 2015.

[Expertino Overview](/content/images/2016/11/screenshot.png-1.jpg" data-lightbox="lb1)

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