Hosting Containers with AWS ECS at Scale

In mid 2019 I started to look for Enterprise-grade hosting solutions. Why? Because we already work with Docker and Git in our teams. So, the next step was to see if we can transform our self-hosted cluster solution on bare metal and with something more managed.

If you want to deploy at scale for teams and follow DevOps practices, then there is just two solutions: Host Docker Containers at scale or directly buy into the full Kubernetes ecosystem. I decided to go with the Docker solution first and master AWS ECS, since we already do a lot with Docker. AWS ECS suitable for mid to large scale deployments and it scales nicely to hundreds of containers.

If that situation sounds familiar to you and if you also want to Master ECS and work with Container Deployments at Scale then check out my new course: Complete 2020 AWS ECS DevOps Masterclass For Total Beginners If you want to go beyond classical certification courses on AWS then this course is for you. This is a practical and hands-on ECS Masterclass. It will teach you everything to run containerized web-applications in production and at scale in the cloud.

It's not just about AWS ECS. In this course I assume you have no prior AWS knowledge. So if you have never looked into the AWS console before, don't worry. I made this course for everyone interested in running any web-application at scale.

This course is very hands-on and you are learning a ton on the way building your application from the ground up. We start with a 10.000 feet overview of cloud computing. Then we talk about IAM and Security, EC2 instances work and how you can use auto scaling groups and load balancers. I will show you everything there is to know about Storage and Networking in AWS where you will work with S3, EFS and create your own VPC before going into clusters.

I think it is important to understand the fundamentals, everything else will follow automatically. That's why this course comes with comprehensive Lab Documents and Walk-Through Sheets, so you get the most out of it and it's easy to follow along. Some of the Lab Documents you will have access to in the course You will learn all about CodeCommit, the Managed Git service from AWS. We look into ECR, the Elastic Container Service and I will give you a crash course on Docker. Then we Setup ECS Cluster and go into the details of Fargate and the EC2 Launch Type cluster. You will learn how to provision and scale both types, Fargate and EC2 Launch Type.

After this we connect all the dots with a CI/CD Pipeline using CodePipeline, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy.

Then you will learn how to provision and configure RDS Databases, ElastiCache, How to securely store credentials in the Cloud. We will also cover briefly Infrastructure as code using AWS CloudFormation.

At the end of the course we use all the learned knowledge to setup, configure and deploy a Laravel Application end-to-end using Docker, ECS and CodePipeline. So you get to apply everything you learned within the course. [

Complete 2020 AWS ECS DevOps Masterclass For Total Beginners

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