ICO Due Diligence Framework

Investing in ICOs is easy. Just send money to a contract and receive tokens in return. Successful investing is a different story. Most tokens out there are completely useless. I will tell you exactly how to spot them before you loose money!

Manyarticleshavebeenwritten about ICO scams. And with hundreds of Token-Sales every day, millions of Dollars lost, it's really hard to keep up: Which ones are good? Which ones are scams?

I was looking into dozens if not hundreds of coins throughout the past year. And I made myself a nice and easy Due Diligence Framework on ICOs and Tokens. In this 15 minutes video I will tell you how you can avoid falling for an ICO-Scam.

Link to YouTube

We are also working on a new course about investing in ICOs by example. We will walk you step-by-step through the process of evaluating coins. Subscribe my YouTube channel now and subscribe to this blog!