Facebook and the Crypto-World

So, Facebooks Crypto-Ads are back. You've probably heard it. And Bitcoin made a jump as well, which hopefull didn't surprise anyone.

I've long said that Mark is building his own Blockchain Empire. Facebook is hiring Blockchain Developers for a few years now. "They must be working on something" I told everyone. You don't really need to be a professional fortune teller to get this...

Then they banned Crypto Ads all-together. Which is even a stronger sign that they want to erode any competition before rolling out their own product. Who wouldn't have done the same in Zuck's strong position?

Of course it didn't take long until Mark appeared on several talks, spreading the "good news" that he is now very happy with what Blockchain can solve for everyone -- as long as he is in control, obviously. For example this talk at Harvard Law School where he discussed how encryption and Blockchain can help in all sorts of situations. This was just the beginning before going "all-in" for more privacy at the F8 2019. Yeah...

But, more privacy or not, without a doubt, Faceboook has a strong position to bring Crypto to the masses. Which is actually a good thing, unless the masses will never use it. Unless it's just done at some backend function, and the front-end will be controlled by Facebook.

Now we have Project Libra and a hope that it might reach the companies 2.2 billion monthly users in one way or another.

Back to the Crypto-Ads. It will most likely have an impact. I am still hoping it's going to be a positive impact for those who want to do good things with this technology. We've had gambling. We've had black markets. We've had more than enough scams. It's time to get things right.