Handy Tool: Encrypted Message Sharing

Sometimes want to quickly share a Password with your friend?

RSA Message Sharing Tool is right for you!

I works entirely in the browser, doesn't save any information anywhere and uses throw-away keys.

Technologies & Idea

We use 1password a lot in our office. We love it. But sometimes you just want to send someone a password via Skype/Slack/... But you don't want to send it in plaintext, right? And you don't want to install anything, etc?

Easy Process

If you want to encode a message, you'd need a key. So,

  1. the receiver has to send a public key to the sender. The public/private key is generated directly in the browser, nothing is stored.
  2. The public key is sent over to the sender

a. who encrypts the message and

b. sends the encrypted message over to the receiver. 3. The receiver has the private key to decrypt the message.

Its transparent, open source and a wizard guides you through the process.

Try it: RSA Message Sharing