Learn Docker and Docker-Compose 100% Hands-On

Beginning of 2019 I got frustrated. I used Vagrant and the ScotchBox for Web-Development. But it was hard to switch to new PHP or MySQL versions. It was hard to get the whole team onboard. It was hard to have the exact same configuration everywhere. It was hard to keep everything and everyone in sync on our dev-team. More than hard. Impossible I'd say.

So, in short, I built a course: [

Understanding Docker and Docker-Compose - Hands-On (2019)

Learn all about Docker, Containers, Images, Dockerfile and Docker-Compose with Practical Hands-On Exercises.


](https://www.udemy.com/course/docker-and-docker-compose-hands-on-by-example/) But first, let me explain. My no-knowledge of Docker wasn't good. It needed to change. Fast. And without friction. So, I set out to give the so much praised Docker a try. And "learning Docker" was on my long list of do-later-things. It was time...

First, I went to the docker-docs and went through their getting started page. What a block of garbage. It's a run-through without much explanation of what's going on. I had the feeling that I wasted my time. I was not learning anything practical.

Then I went to YouTube. I searched and watched every Docker video I could find. Videos uploaded between 2014 and 2019. The results I had been bad, no, horrible. Several new Docker version came out since 2014. With new instructions. With new docker-compose.yml file formats and different commands. It's all a big mess, I thought.

I was digging through hundreds of websites and tutorials. On top, dozens of other Dockerfiles and docker-compose.yml files and hands-on webinars. I saw light at the end of the tunnel.

And I thought... why is there not a single 2-3h quick start & hands-on Docker course? Why is nobody doing that? ... Why are there only lengthy theory slides recordings or complete 20h courses? Docker is such an amazing tool. It helps in the day to day workflow of a developers' life. Why is there not one practical helpful course?

When I started with Docker I needed someone to explain to me the first steps. Hands-On. Someone who shows me practical real-world examples and tells me what they do. Line by line, step by step.

So, beginning of August 2019 I set a goal. I needed to create such a course. And now I can proudly say: It's done and it's released. This course is paving the way for other people to use Docker.

I wish I had this course when I started learning Docker.

In the new beginners course "Understanding Docker and Docker-Compose - 100% Hands-On" you will learn how to

  • Build the perfect Development Environment
  • Understand Docker Run and Docker-Compose with practical examples
  • Use Docker and Docker-Compose 100% hands-on and fast for total beginners

Wait... You never heard of Docker? Almost impossible! But let's quickly see what's Docker and why do you probably need it:

The Docker Platform is a set of integrated technologies and solutions for building, sharing and running container-based applications, from the developer’s desktop to the cloud.

That's why in this course you:

  • Learn how Docker Desktop and developer tools are streamlining the delivery of new containerized applications.
  • Learn how to leverage content and official images from the world’s largest container image library, Docker Hub.
  • Learn how to run and manage containerized applications based on the world’s most widely used container runtime.
  • Learn how to build Development Environments using Docker-Compose and the docker-compose.yml file
  • Run through practical line-by-line examples of how things are built up and used in the real world.

But before you dive in and buy the course straight away, use this self-assessment and see if you should choose Docker and enroll in this course:

  1. Do you work in Web- or Software-Development and use different services (PHP, Java, Apache, MySQL, Postgres,...)? If yes, choose Docker.
  2. And/Or are you working in Teams or sharing your work? If yes, choose Docker.
  3. And/Or you need to run as many applications as you can on a limited hardware budget or on a developers machine? If yes, choose Docker.
  4. And/Or you use Vagrant or VirtualBox and need something better/faster? If yes, choose Docker.

If any of those apply to you, then this course is for you!

It's a brand new course that helps visual learners diving into the world of Docker 100% hands-on, with practical examples and exercises for every lecture.

My approach for this course is: "show, don't tell".

Click here and learn how to use Docker today for only $10.99

I'm looking forward to welcome you in the course and show you all about Docker and Docker-Compose for beginners!