The Proof that Censorship-Free is WISHFUL Thinking and NOTHING else!

It took 11 posts until he wanted to delete something.. New Record! Lucky for him, it was so early.

His new dApp was just released on the Rinkeby-Testnet. A simple Discussion-Board. A Sample-dApp, you might want to call it.


He posted it on several forums and on Reddit. And people started to use it. It didn't take long until someone completely abused it. Who knew that something like this could happen on the Internet? /SarcasmOff

To my surprise, it didn't spark a full-blown flamewar chat about censorship. It probably didn't get enough interest for that.

I was also surprised that people in the /r/ethereum Reddit are giving more than rational answers. In my opinion the "no governance"-model is not sustainable.

If you want to run a successful business on a blockchain, you need to have the right governance in place.

That doesn't mean to ABUSE data.

It does NOT mean to sell out your customers data to a large marketing corporation.

Nobody wants another Cambridge Analytica data breach-like situation.

But it means that you can draw a clear line to what people can and cannot do on your platform. It means you are in control to stop or pause your smart contracts. It means you can moderate content. It means you set the rules.

But why not just use the same good old Platforms that we always used to use?

Blockchain is the solution to give people control over their data back. It doesn't mean they can do whatever they want with it. If you have a knife it means you can cut tomatoes, not stab in someone's back. Literally you can, but you shouldn't. And if you stab in someones back it will have severe consequences (in most countries).

With blockchain you can model it differently. It means you can NOT do whatever you want with your users data. Not the other way round.

You, as a user, could let Platform A access your data for specific needs. You set the rules. The platform sets their rules. And everyone is happy.

It's also one of the 13 reasons why Ethereum should be used that Vitalik recently told Elon Musk on Twitter.

Just curious how this dApp from this Reddit-User will evolve over time :)

What's your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!