Cancel or Update Pending Ethereum Transactions

In this video I'll show you how you can "unstuck" your pending Transactions on Ethereum.

Link to YouTube

Did you know? You can update Ethereum transactions or cancel Transactions altogether. You can do it from MetaMask conveniently with a button, or you can also unstuck any other transaction from any other wallet using offline transactions from MyEtherWallet.

I get this asked actually quite a bit and also see it regularly. If you watch the transaction pool on Etherscan then you see a lot of pending transactions. At the time of writing its over 150 thousand transactions that are not yet mined.

Many times people send a transaction, wait, then send another one with a higher gas fee. It doesn't work like this... Every time a new transaction is sent, the transaction count (nonce) is increased. Ethereum will wait for the lower nonce to be mined first. The only way to get your transactions mined is by either canceling them or updating them. You need to send a transaction with more gas and the same nonce, so your new transaction gets mined earlier.

In the video I'll show you how to do this with MetaMask and also MyEtherWallet.

MetaMask provides convenient buttons for that, but that only applies if you used MetaMask in the first place. Many people use wallets like Ledger, Trezor or others. In this case you can connect your wallet to MyEtherWallet and create an offline Transaction.

How that works is in the video!