BlockOnAir #2: Interview with (NFT Game | Hiring)

Reduce the global carbon emissions by playing a Blockchain based game? 👀

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The Story? 📝

Imagine, the Evil Lord C.O. the 2. of the Disposable Islands has declared war on our planet and all living creatures upon it. The only ones who can stop him now are an army of tiny little incredibly brave... Seeds. Well, Zeedz. Or Zeedles, to be more precise. Zeedz is the first play-for-purpose game where players reduce global carbon emissions by collecting plant-inspired creatures: Zeedles. They live as NFTs on an eco-friendly blockchain and grow with the real-world weather.

Yes, you heard right! And their in-game creates are super cute! Check it out:

I sat down with the two founders and talked about their new project, why its something the blockchain space was waiting for, what its all about and how you can get these cute little creatures!

PS: They are also hiring blockchain developers, so you might want to check it out right away before its too late!

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Next week we have Lacie Thorne, Executive MBA Candidate at Yale University who wants to put an end to Fast Fashion with a novel Blockchain based project that helps the environment on a massive scale. Her project: Stay tuned for the next interview coming up soon!


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