BlockOnAir #1

Hey! Welcome to this first edition of Block On Air, where we share technical-focused insights for you and everyone interested in the blockchain space.

As this is a fast paced and ever changing ecosystem, we aim to provide you with everything from new tools for developers to fun hackathons for improving your skills and even job posts!

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In the latest interview I shared all about the new MorpherWallet. It's a User-Friendly DApp wallet, that works like Magic. At Morpher, where its currently in production, an increase in platform activity of over 85% was seen.

Have a look into the Interview here:

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Ongoing Hackathons / Learning Opportunities

ETHOnline is a three week event that includes a hackathon and several summits and workshops to bring like-minded people together on topics such as NFTs & Creators, Governance & DAOs, Developer Tools, and Merge & Scalability.

Polygon Grants Hackathon is the first Polygon-centric hackathon and quadratic funding grant dedicated to the growth of the Polygon ecosystem.

Latest video tutorial

Building an NFT project? A way to ensure continued value creation is by adding royalties directly into your smart contract code! In this video we show you exactly how to do that so that you will always get royalties from the major NFT marketplaces!

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